Alex McKay + Nick O'Leary

= Bourke Street Wines

Bourke Street Wines is a collaboration of winemakers Alex McKay and Nick O’Leary. Established in 2009, the label was on a low burner for a couple of years while the boys directed their efforts to their other projects (Collector Wines and Nick O’Leary respectively).

This is not a ‘second’ label for either. Rather, it is a way to showcase southern NSW in a style that differs from their other wines: richer fruit, for immediate enjoyment. They share the philosophy of those: fruit from high quality vineyards, made to express the grape and the region.

Current releases were made by Alex. His sure sense of style creates wines that speak loudly about the thought, love and care they receive from an idea to the bottle.

Fantastic price vs. quality on offer here, and plenty of personality: the wines of real intrigue and fun, and are amongst our personal favorites!