Orange NSW

Why resist?

Like Australian music exports, home grown wine heroes must make it overseas to make them credible back at home - right?

Well, there's no hero on this continent like Shiraz in that case. Barossa cleared the way, initially with a rather unsubtle assault. But now the world seems to be ready to dive into the 1,000+ versions of the variety that has become a more competent ambassador of Australia than anything Capital Hill ever sent out. And amongst those, Orange may offer a surprise as the source of some of the loveliest Shiraz wines in Australia.

The Handpicked wines of Cooks Lot offer extra finesse compared to their regional counterparts. Vintage variations aside, you can expect an aromatic yet intense medium bodied Shiraz: think morello cherries and rose with hints of cedar, followed by a harmonious, elegant and supple palate with French oak complementing the structure. 

Technically speaking: handpicked, wild fermented in small open fermenters with some whole bunches and hand plunged four times a day, free run and pressings where vinified separately and matured in tightly grained French oak puncheons for 12 months.

As with any red wine, avoid serving this too warm in order to show it at its best – roughly 18 degrees would be great!


The current available vintage is the 2014.


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