Orange NSW

All hail, the new prince in town

I'm on record for having said numerous times in the past that as compelling as the idea was, maybe Pinot Noir and Orange was not meant to be. But things are changing rapidly. Better mapping and understanding of regions soils, and the hard work of the growers is starting to show signs of me having to rethink this matter a bit. Plenty of not just convincing, but also interesting, wines are starting to roll down the hill.

Duncan Cook's '1111' Pinot Noir is a crowd pleaser if there ever was one. In 2017, the wine is of a light but  attractive colour, with perfumed berry and cherry nose, and nice 'sweet' berries on a light yet silky palate. You simply can't go wrong with this one, and the value is pretty obvious to see!

As with any red wine, avoid serving this too warm in order to show it at its best – roughly 18 degrees would be great!


The 2017 is already limited in availability.

The 2018 is expected to be available in September.