Riesling - the Gems of Orange?

There are many a variety that has been called the be flagship variety of the Orange GI. Initially it was Sauvignon Blanc, but later on the region has become best known for its Chardonnay wines.

But it is with Riesling that Orange charmed me. The regional style tends to shy away from the toasted acid juice norm of Australian Riesling, and instead presents the variety as it, for me, should be: aromatic. These 'curvy' Rieslings are often looked down upon in Australia, which for me is a pity. I can appreciate an austere and academically speaking 'correct' Riesling, but wine is in the end meant to bring pleasure, and nothing does so, for me, than the aromatic wonderland that Riesling can present.

The Cooks Lot Riesling shows gleaming, light gold hues in the glass, and the complex aromas can't wait to jump out of the glass. A medium-bodied wine, the palate is a lovely balance of fruit and freshness.

Current available vintage is the 2017.