Pinot Gris - very much at home in Orange

The amount of Pinot Grigio and Gris that has been poured around the globe in the last ten or so years is pretty staggering. But, when winemakers get it right, what's not to like? The best thing about a good gris is its versatility when paired with food - get it right and that mix of fleshy fruit and moderate acidity is a winning combination when a wine needs to go with 'everything' and suit 'everyone'.

The Cooks Lot Pinot Gris is for me one of those winners. Nice colour from the skins, without tipping into the pink or copper spectrum of things. Lovely fruit aromas, but not just simple confectionary ones, there's a lick of savouriness also. The palate follows through in a harmonious fashion, and those pear and stonefruit characters are kept in check with a balancing freshness.


 The 2017 vintage has now been allocated to existing customers.

(Orange Wine Show: Trophy Best Pinot Gris, Gold Medal)


The 2018 vintage is expected to be avaialble from mid-August.