The Blanc that started it all

Love it or loathe it, but it was the piercingly fresh style of Sauvignon Blanc that put Orange on the map, along with the Chardonnay.

An Orange Sauvignon from most producers will be as far stylistically as one can get from Marlborough. Here, the emphasis is on modest alcohol (seldom above 12.5%), and aromas that are firmly in the grass and citrus end of the variety's spectrum. Local bottles seldom drink well on release – I would wait past Christmas to open any of the better ones, unless you're buying from a producer with vines in the warmer parts of the region.

The Cooks Lot Sauvignon Blanc is one of those wines that tends to take minimum 3-6 months after bottling to start to showing what the fuss was all about. After that, you'll find an archetypical low alcohol Sauvignon in the bottle, refreshment encapsulated, yet one with surprising length on palate, and capacity to age well short term.

Current available vintage is the 2017.