The Smooth Operator

Shiraz is a great reference point when talking about the wine regions of Australia, as there might not be single region that would not grow at least some clone, to some extent. Hence, there's nowhere in the world where one can study regionality with the Shiraz like on this vast continent!

In Orange, Shiraz often shows a very elegant side, consistent with the white varieties of the region. Mostly grown on the lower slopes of the region (but still above 600 metres!), the better examples seem to showcase silkiness with beautiful even fruit, no heat and seldom any pepper notes so often associated with the cooler parts of Australia.

The Cooks Lot '1010' is a great ambassador of its region, and over delivers, as do many of the Cooks Lot wines. it is a very attractive wine to dive into: nice deep colour and an aromatic nose with black cherries and warm spices. Its only medium bodied, but there's plenty of fruit, with again, ripe cherries, as well as nice and ripe tannins keeping things in check. Some oak notes, but only in the back ground.

As with any red wine, avoid serving this too warm in order to show it at its best – roughly 18 degrees would be great!

Current available vintage is the 2017.