Wines with conscience, from the forests of the Strathbogie Ranges

This is a family venture of Joe Costanzo and Cindy Heath, with many in the extended family contributing to work in the vineyard, including their two sons.

Joe and Cindy purchased the property in 2011, and have been looking after the vineyard as it had been before them: with an organic approach that aims to leave as gentle a mark as possible both in and around the vines. Located at roughly 630 meters above sea level, the vines sit amongst a ruggedly beautiful bushland setting of forests and granite boulders. The planted varieties are classic:

  • Pinot Noir (~50%)

  • Chardonnay (~25%)

  • Sauvignon Blanc (~25%)

Wine with a Conscience

Joe and Cindy’s motto encapsulates

  • manual vineyard work only

  • non-tillage practices

  • zero use of insecticides, pesticides and synthetic fertilisers

  • encouragement of native grass growth

  • steel posts (instead of treated pine)

  • minimal irrigation (only used during extreme dry periods, and if, sourced entirely from a natural spring on the property)

  • low intervention winemaking

The wines are brought to life by Ray Nadeson at Lethbridge Wines. His traditionalist, low intervention approach to winemaking has kept the character of the vineyard shining throughout the years, and the fine tuning of these practices is clearly evident in the increasingly attractive wines.

All wines are fermented with indigenous yeasts, and all barrels used are of French origin (Bossuet). The wines are lightly fined (with bentonite), but not filtered. Sulphur use is restricted to bottling (70-100 ppm, wine  and vintage pending). All wines are suitable for a vegan diet.

Pinot Noir is on the centre stage, and available in three expressions:

  • Blanc de Noir – a traditional method sparkling with 24 months on lees

  • Singers Lane Pinot Noir – a bright, crunchy red to be enjoyed in its youth

  • Reserve Pinot Noir – a deep, complex red that won’t mind a bit of bottle age, without requiring it

The Reserve Sauvignon Blanc is one of the best classic examples of the variety when barrel fermented and matured, while the Chardonnay is being taken towards a style that aims to capture the essence of a place through dry, lithe and savoury notes.

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