overdue invoices

While mistakes in payments occur, Kiss the Dirt is unable to tolerate invoices that are clearly overdue. These will place your account on hold regardless of agreed promotional activities, by-the-glass pours etc.

Recurring overdue invoices are also likely to

  • reduce the possibility of extending pouring prices to you in the future
  • increase the likelihood of removing your credit facilities with Kiss the Dirt



You are expected to trade within your credit limits. A significant positive trend in trading may warrant a revised credit account application to match your new reality. As a minimum, we expect you to seek written approval from us for temporarily extended limits.


debt collection

Our debt collection is handled externally.

Associated costs

In addition to your original invoice amount, you will be made liable for accumulated interest, as well as for all costs and fees associated with the collection.

Your credit history

Your business will risk having a note against its credit rating, and hence all future financing options.