50% FRA + 50% AUS = delicious wines

A long lunch in the South West of France in 1992 turned out to be the start of a life long career in wine for James Manners. Lucky us, a loss for the Army!

25 years of winemaking has included everything from fragrant Canadian ice wines to opaque Mudgee Shiraz, from small family vineyards to management level for multinational corporations.

In James' own words, Manners Wines represents his midlife crisis and the fun part of his career. No evidences of a crisis in sight, but we do see someone who is enjoying the ride, and someone who is extremely passionate about his craft.

James works with growers across the high altitude vineyards in the central west of New South Wales, and has become especially known for his rose, as well as the Tempranillo wines – this is a variety he believes will have a big future in NSW.

For him, a bottle of Manners must above all be delicious. It will be one that will offer grape typicity, as well as speaks clearly of its origin. You could leave it at that, or have a closer listen: James' wines are more complex and layered than what the first encounter might lead you to believe.

Much like the man himself.

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Explore three distinct NSW wine regions through Manners wines.

Manners Mudgee Vermentino

Manners Mudgee Rose of Sangiovese

Manners Hilltops Shiraz-Tempranillo

Manners Hilltops Tempranillo

Manners Hilltops Shiraz

Limited releases

Small 300 to 1,200 bottle batches.

2017 Orange Chardonnay

2018 Mudgee Ubergew

2017 Single Barrel Collection Mudgee Shiraz

2016 Single Barrel Collection Hilltops Tempranillo