Hola, amigo.

The fruit for this lovely single vineyard wine was contract grown for James in the Hilltops region of NSW. Winemaking intervention is kept to minimum in bringing up this wine which is bottled unfined and unfiltered.

James says: Vibrant. Cedar. Cherry Ripe. Spice.

I say: A great Tempranillo in the classic, aromatic and crunchy style that Spaniards refer to as Crianza. From empanadas to lamb roasts, you can't go wrong, this is utterly delicious.

The current available vintage is the 2017.

Tempranillo in New South Wales

Spain is the home of Tempranillo, and the backbone of many of its great red wines. The first time I hit the high country of NSW, I felt like I was driving somewhere in the hills of northern Spain. Sure, it is different, but the feeling is similar - something about the fresh air of higher altitudes, the open vistas, and that big sky, perhaps. Like James Manners, we believe it has found another home close to us, and has potential for greatness in the continental climate that shapes so many of the current day wine regions of NSW.

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