Crushed, for ultimate freshness.

Not all rose wines are created equal, Sangiovese or not. The Manners difference starts in the vineyard, with Mudgee Sangiovese grapes grown for a sole purpose: to become Manners Rose. Three vineyards, all south of the town of Mudgee, contributed to the 2018.

Once they are received into his winery, they are given a crushing white wine treatment: no bleedings to concentrate their red siblings done here, just a simple crush into stainless steel, inoculation with a neutral yeast (to ensure the wine finished 100% dry), and cool fermentation for that crisp dry feel.

James says: Strawberry. Cherry. Crisp. Fresh.

We say: Moreish all-rounder that loves Mediterranean fare with vegetables, seafood, herbs and garlic.

Current vintage is 2018.