We strive to control the journey of a wine to your doorstep to ensure deliveries of goods in perfect condition.

Additionally, our wines are as a rule sealed with screwcap closures, an overall technically good solution for most wines. No closure being perfect, these too can let us down at times, and of course, the wine itself can occasionally be the culprit of a negative experience. Please allow me to fix any dramas to my best ability instead of persisting with a wine that will disappoint your customers, and have an adverse affect on all business parties.



Part of our role as a wholesaler, as well as the work we conduct through our partners in logistic, is to ensure that you receive authentic goods in prime condition.

At times, we might need to reserve the right to refuse returns of goods that, for example, are not faulty, or were not incorrectly delivered. We would also exercise this right if we feel there is a possibility that the goods can't be sold on in confidence to your colleagues in the trade.

There are of course instances when returns can be made possible. Goods to be returned must be in their original and unopened wholesale cartons. No goods can however be returned without prior agreement, and without obtaining relevant documents from Kiss the DIrt to enable collection and transport by our nominated carrier.

Please contact us as needs for a return arise.