I grew up in a country more renowned for vodka than wine.

I’ve done side trips into butchery and kitchens, but mostly it has been about wine through various front of the house and management positions, from bars and clubs, to functions and fine dining. Retail and wholesale experience across Scandinavia and Australia has rounded off previous experience.

Lucky to have been exposed to the world of wine from the 80s onwards through varied aspects: concepts, viticulture, production, packaging and chain of supply, as well as sales, account management and customer service.

A glass of wine allows my mind to travel around the globe, remembering, as well as discovering, places, cultures and people, and often inspiring me to discoveries in art, and of course, cooking. I've always preferred local wine producers when it came to work, though. Today, I am lucky and proud to be working with a small group of wonderful growers and producers, whose produce is grown in some of the oldest soils and landscapes on the planet.

30 years of wine. It's been a great ride so far.